Tesla Filed Model Y Certification Papers With CARB On January 9. Will Deliveries Begin Next Month?

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Published on January 14th, 2020 | by Steve Hanley

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According to Twitter user Alter Viggo, on January 9, Tesla filed certification papers with the California Air Resources Board for the Model Y. Why is that news? Because in 2017, Tesla began delivering Model 3 sedans to customers 25 days after it filed similar certification papers for the Model 3 with CARB.

Conclusion? Deliveries of the Model Y will begin in February, about 5 months ahead of Elon Musk’s announced schedule of summer 2020, and similar to what some on our team have been expecting since October. This, folks, is a really big deal. SUVs are the white hot segment of the new passenger vehicle market, and if the EV revolution is real, it needs to include the cars that people most want to buy.

🚨Potentially huge BREAKING NEWS 🚨

Model Y deliveries happening next month?!

Tesla published a Model Y CARB certificate on January 9th. Tesla signed the LR RWD Model 3's certificate on July 3, 2017. That was 25 days before the first deliveries on July 28. $TSLA #ModelY https://t.co/SpewAUyUKb

— Alter Viggo (@AlterViggo) January 13, 2020

Twitter used Ryan McCaffery added this useful tidbit: “We already know that there will be Founders Series Y’s (there weren’t any Founders 3’s), and that those Founders cars are Performance models. So the fact that this listing is for PY does corroborate your hypothesis.” In other words, this may be for just a select few Model Ys (which could be hand built), while real production and deliveries commence in subsequent months or quarters.

Either way, things are getting better and better for Tesla. The EV revolution is about to achieve liftoff, with Tesla leading the way into the future.


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