Our services includes but not limited to the following:


Testing of Protective Relays and Electric Meters

  • Testing and Calibration
  • Acceptance and Commissioning
  • Functional Testing of Control Circuits
  • Testing of Current Transformer
  • Testing of Potential/Voltage Transformers


Testing of Power Equipments

    1. Power Transformers and Reactors
      • Insulating Oil Test
        • Dielectric Breakdown Voltage
        • Power Factor
        • Dissolved Gas Analysis
        • Moisture in Oil Test
      • Insulation Resistance / Polarization Index
      • Winding Turns Ratio including TAP Changer
      • Winding Resistance 
      • Overall Insulation Power Factor Test
      • Exciting Current Test
      • Leakage Reactance / Short Circuit Impedance Test
      • Bushing Collar Test, Power Factor, C1 & C2
      • Frequency Response Analysis

High Voltage Circuit Breakers

  • Insulating Oil tests for OCBs
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Contact Resistance Test
  • Motion Analysis or Timing Test
  • Insulating Power Factor
  • Bushing Hot Collar Test


Electric Generators and auxillaries

    • Stator and Rotor
      • Insulation Resistance Test
      • Polarization Index RatiInsulation Power Factor Test
      • Winding Resistance Test
    • Excitation System
      • Insulation Resistance Test
      • Polarization Index Ratio
      • Insulation Power Factor Test
    • Current/Voltage Transformers
      • Insulation Resistance Test
      • Winding Turns Ratio Test
      • Insulation Power Factor Test
      • Excitation/Saturation (knee curve) Test
    • Lightning/Surge Arresters
      • Insulation Resistance Test
      • Insulation Power Factor Test
      • Leakage Current Test (for Metal Oxide), On-Line Test
    • Power Cables, Disconnect Switches
      • Insulation Resistance Test
      • Leakage Current Test (AC/DC Hy-pot)
    • Power Capacitors and other Power Equipment